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2015 Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners: Left to right: Master Billy Shufeldt, First Lady Welina Shufeldt, Sandy Blake, Kennedy Webb, Kody Webb, Melody Shufeldt, Alexander Foley, Sheyian Borgstrom, Jace Couch, Bailey Shufeldt. Congratulations to all!

2015 Winners

2015 Scholarship Winners: Left to right: Alexander Foley, Sandy Blake, Ann Keeton, Kennedy Webb, Bailey Shufeldt, Stephanie Nutter, Sheyian Borgstrom, Melody Shufeldt, with State Master Donna Keeton. Congratulations to all!

2014 Winners

2014 Scholarship Winners: Left to right: Audrey Bowers, Stephanie Nutter, Ashley Burrows, Kennedy Bailey, Matthew Keeton, Shyian Borgstrom, Bailey Shufeldt, Ann Keeton, Ron Bowers, and Michael Case. Congratulations to all!

2013 Winners

2013 Scholarship Winners: Landry Volz, Tanner Volz, Camille Krehbiel, Sheyian Borgstrom, Ronnie Bowers, Kyle Volz, with State Master Donna Keeton. Congratulations to all!

2012 Winners

2012 Scholarship Winners: (l to r) Ronnie Bowers, Tanner Volz, Kyle Volz, sharen Smith, Taylor Monroe, Sheyian Borgstrom, Camille Krehbiel, Mitchel Nutter, and Colton Evans. Not pictured is Landry Volz. The little guy in front is Joshia Procter, a future scholarship winner!

2011 Winners

2011 Scholarship Winners: Mitchell Nutter, Tanner Volz, Colton Evans, Kyle Volz, Camille Krehbiel, and Landry Volz. Congratulations to all for their hard work and study.

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